If you're feeling confused about all the materials available for the metal part of your jewellery, read on to find out what is available and what is best for you.

Ear Hooks/Ear Wire

Ear Hook/Ear Wire

There are lots of different ear hooks/ear wires available.

  • Surgical Stainless Steel
    • hypoallergenic and nickel free
    • Victoria's most recommended option
    • Will not tarnish
  • Gold Plated/ Silver Plated/ Black Antique
    • Will tarnish if earring is worn constantly and not stored correctly
    • not hypoallergenic
    • most affordable option
  • 925 Sterling Silver
    • best for very sensitive skin
    • will tarnish but can be cleaned with a silver cloth
  • 14ct Gold Filled
    • Thicker and more durable than gold plated
    • Will not tarnish
    • Hypoallergenic

Long Kidney Wire

Long Kidney Wire
  • Not hypoallergenic
  • Gold/Silver plated available only
  • 3cm in length

Huggie Hoops/Sleeper/Lever Back

Huggie Hoop/Sleeper
  • Please note the names for these are sometimes different but mean the same thing as pictured.
  • Plated and therefore, not hypoallergenic
  • Gold/Silver plated available only
  • 12mm in total size



Hoop style is a flip clasp to close. Simply open the clasp, put the post through the ear and close from behind. These hoops are used as they are more durable and also suitable for those who wish to use it to go through a stretched lobe.

Hoops are available in two sizes: 2cm and 3cm.

Also available as 925 sterling silver (not solid silver) and 18k gold plated.

Stud Back


Available as hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel posts or for those with very sensitive ears, 925 sterling silver ones are available.

Please note, the posts are applied with resin which once cured is not toxic. 

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